Duet 2

Duet 2 is an established and proven 32 bit electronic controller for 3D printers and other CNC machines.


Product description

First released in 2016, this is the latest revision of the established Duet 2 machine controller. Using our advanced and regularly updated RepRapFirmware it is capable of controlling 3D printers, CNCs and a wide range of other machines. It has been the controller of choice for hobbyists and advanced machine designers alike since its launch. As of January 2024 The Duet 2 Wifi External Antenna and Duet 2 Ethernet are not recommended for new designs. The Duet 2 Wifi with Internal Antenna is End Of Life and no longer available directly from us, although some reseller may have limited stock. It is recommended to use one of the Duet 3 range for new designs going forward.


Processor Powerful 32 Bit Processor: Atmel SAM4E8E: 120MHz ARM Cortex-M4 microcontroller
Expansion Add five more stepper drivers, heaters and IO with the DueX5. Two more external stepper drivers can be connected to the mainboard for a total of 12 stepper control channels and 8 heaters
Connectivity Either Wifi or Ethernet Networking options.
Screen Compatible with the PanelDue colour touch screen
Stepper Drivers Super quiet TMC2660 stepper drivers with 2.4A Peak per stepper channel. SPI controlled and capable of up to 256 microstepping with optional 16x interpolation when using 16x microstepping. Hardware support for variable microstepping and variable stepper current for optimum speed and power efficiency
High current outputs The bed heater channel is specifically designed for high current (15A fused). 2 x extruder heater (up to 6A each)
Medium current outputs 3 PWM controllable and 2 always-on fans which can be run from either the input voltage, from 5V, or from external power for added flexibility
IO 5 on-board I/O connectors for endstop and filament monitors
Temperature Measurement 3 thermistor inputs. Support for two temperature daughterboards for up to 4 PT 100 or thermocouple sensors
Supply voltage 12-24V
Firmware Recommended: RepRapFirmware 3.x, also supports RRF 2.x (Legacy Firmware) – Supports all common machine geometaries, easily configurable for your specific machine requirements


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