About Us

Duet3D Limited specialises in developing high-performance machine control electronics and firmware, providing innovative and reliable solutions to the Additive Manufacturing and wider automation industries.

Our customers use our products to implement a huge array of innovative solutions, pushing the boundaries of what has been possible in additive manufacturing, and what has been affordable in automation more generally.

Born in 2019 out of a successful joint venture project between Think3DPrint3D Ltd and Escher Technologies Ltd, and before that the RepRap Project, one of our core values is a commitment to open-source development. The history of open-source collaboration has profoundly shaped the additive manufacturing industry and we continue to actively contribute to and support various open-source projects. Duet3D's core hardware and firmware are all open-source.

Our People

Tony Lock


Tony co-founded Duet3D Limited in 2019, following working part time on the successful Duet3D joint venture from 2014. Prior to this he held a number of engineering leadership roles. Tony has a MEng in electronic engineering from Warwick University, a MA from King's College London, and is a Chartered Engineer through the IET.

David Crocker


David co-founded Duet3D Limited with Tony. Fascinated by electronics, computers and software development from an early age, he was awarded a BA in Natural Sciences by Cambridge University, followed by a PhD. As well, David is a Chartered Engineer through the British Computer Society. David currently serves on the MISRA C++ working group and has previously contributed to the MISRA C 2004 and MISRA C++ standards.

Sarah Morris


Sarah is the Operations Manager at Duet3D, overseeing multiple projects and driving business change. Before joining the company, Sarah spent 15 years specialising in commercial property law as a Chartered Legal Executive and is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Legal Executives. In her spare time, Sarah is part of the nationally and internationally acclaimed women's choir, Peterborough Voices.

Roland Lock


Roland founded Think3DPrint3D Ltd in 2011, supplying reliable and affordable 3D printer kits and components. He is the Managing Director of Duet3D, responsible for financial management, procurement and supply chain assurance. Previously a partner in a Civil Engineering consultancy firm, Roland has an BSc(Eng) Hons from the University of Cape Town and an MSc from Imperial College, London. He is a Chartered Engineer through membership of the Institution of Civil Engineers.

Christian Hammacher


Christian has been with Duet3D since the start of the Joint Venture and is now a lead software developer. In addition to several preceding open-source software projects, he has been involved in Software and Firmware development since the start of his studies in computational engineering at HTW Berlin in 2014.


We have a global network of Contractors and long-term collaborators who work with us providing forum, warranty and documentation support, along with product customisation and consultancy.