Duet 3 Tool Board 1LC

The Duet 3 Tool board: a CAN-FD connected expansion board for Duet 3, designed to provide complete control for a direct drive extruder.

Toolboard Version

Product description

The Duet 3 Tool board is a CAN-FD connected expansion board for the Duet 3 Mainboard that is designed to provide complete control for a direct drive extruder, associated fans, filament sensor and probe. The mounting holes and connector locations match an e3d Hemera (v1.2) or Hemera XS(v1.3) , however it can be used with other direct drive extruders with suitable brackets. The stepper motor, heater, temperature sensor, fans and optionally Z probe and filament monitor all connect to the Duet 3 Tool board, leaving only CAN-FD and power wires to run back to the Duet 3 Mainboard or Tool Distribution Board.

There are two current versions.

  • V1.2 – Hole spacing for the E3D Hemera: Duet 3 Toolboard 1LC v1.2
  • V1.3 – Hole spacing for the E3D Hemera XS (11mm closer together): Duet 3 Toolboard 1LC v1.3

The overall board dimensions are unchanged.

The connector pack includes the following:

  • JST PH housings + crimps for the Driver 0, OUT1, 2, IO 0,1,2 and Temp connectors
  • 4-way JST ZH tail 100mm+ with plug (CAN in)
  • 2-way JST VH housing & crimps
  • White single ferrules for heater screw terminals


Processor   ARM Cortex M0+ processor running at 48MHz
Connectivity CAN-FD interconnect to main controller board and other Toolboards or expansion boards
Stepper Driver   One TMC2209 stepper driver with stall detection and stealthChop. Maximum output current 1.6A peak, 1.1A RMS
High current outputs   1 x 5A rated output for the hot-end heater (60W at 12V VIN, 120W at 24V VIN, 24V recommended)
Medium current outputs   One 3-wire fan output (also accepts 2-wire fan); one 4-wire fan output (also accepts 2-wire fan)
IO   Two thermistor or PT1000 inputs. One uses a 16-bit ADC for high resolution reading of PT1000 sensors; one 3-pin filament monitor connector; one Z-probe connector; one footprint to mount a ultra subminiture switch; two push buttons and indication LEDs; 12 to 32V power input; On-board 12V, 5V and 3.3V regulators
Firmware   RepRapFirmware 3.x (3.4 or later recommended for using the accelerometer with input shaping)


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