Duet 3 Motor23 CL

The Duet 3 Motor M23CL is a family of closed loop, CAN-FD connected NEMA 23 motors.


Product description

The Duet 3 Motor M23CL is a family of closed loop, CAN-FD connected NEMA 23 motors, fully integrated into the Duet 3 ecosystem. The M23CL incorporates a high resolution encoder and optionally integrates a brake to hold the motor in position when power is off.

Connections to the Duet 3 CAN-FD bus and power use industrial M8 connectors. Multiple M23CLs can be connected to the bus, either via an M8 Y-splitter or a distribution board/box. The 76mm motor provides a well-balanced mix of torque and acceleration. Custom motor lengths can be produced on request, subject to minimum order quantities. 

For orders of 8 or more motors being shipped directly from our motor manufacturer in China, Duet3D will cover part of the shipping cost (destination dependent). Please contact us for further details. 


Holding Torque 18.9 KG/cm
Detent Torque 0.86Kg/cm
Full Step Angle 1.8deg
Max current/phase 2.8A
Roto Inertia 0.48Kg/cm2
Motor Section Length  76mm
Total Length 177+-1mm (brake) 123+-1mm (no brake)
Ambient Temperature  -20degC to +50degC
Max Motor & Controller Temperature 85degC
Input voltage  12V to 48V
Processor Microchip ATSAME51G19A
Processor features  32-bit, 120MHz ARM Cortex-M4F, 512Kb flash, 192Kb RAM, hardware single precision floating point unit
Networking/Comms CAN-FD bus for connection to the Duet 3 Mainboard. Optional on-board CAN-FD bus termination.
On-board stepper driver 1x TMC2160A
Stepper driver features SPI controlled, can be run in closed loop, assisted open loop, or open loop mode
Encoder Inputs Hall effect, 14-bit resolution
Temperature monitoring 1x on-board thermistor and processor temperature available for temperature monitoring
Closed loop control monitoring Real-time performance of the closed loop control data is available for local action or remote monitoring


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