Duet 3 Magnetic Encoder

The Duet3D Magnetic Encoder is a precision motor encoder compatible with the Duet 3 Expansions 1HCL

Product description

Note: more stock expected week commencing 15th July 2024

The Duet3D Magnetic Encoder senses motor position and rotation using a hall effect sensor to detect the rotation of a diametrically-magnetised disc magnet attached to the motor shaft at the rear of the motor. Compatible with the Duet 3 Expansions 1HCL. 

Supplied with a 150mm ribbon cable and a range of nylon washers to allow correct mounting on the back of most Nema17 motors. Note replacement (longer) motor screws will be required to mount on the back of most Nema17 motors, these are not supplied as the length depends on the motor length.


  • 14 Bit On-Axis Magnetic Rotary Sensor
  • Maximum sensor RPM supported 14500
  • Supplied with a 4mm thick, 6mm diameter magnet.
  • SPI output for communication with a Duet 3 Expansion 1HCL controller 
  • 3.3V operation - compatible with the Duet 3 Expansion 1HCL controller (Can be modified for 5V operation for other applications.
  • Compatible with all NEMA17 motors with an exposed rear shaft no more than 3.5mm below the back of the motor should be compatible. If the exposed rear shaft projects from the back of the motor then a mounting solution that holds the sensor ~1mm from the magnet mounted on the shaft will be required.
  • NEMA23 and other sizes: An adaptor plate/mounting system would be required to use the Duet 3 Magnetic Encoder with other motors.


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