End Stop Wiring


By dklassen 5 February 2017 15:58

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Can someone help me with how this should be wired to the Duet Wifi. Not sure the pinouts are correct.



By FrankNPrinter 15 February 2017 13:19

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this might help as i am doing the same thing now. i noticed the pins are labeled on the sensor. nc= normal closed and no is normal open and common


By dc42 15 February 2017 17:53

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The complication is the LED. The Duet has an LED attached to the endstop input too, and if you wire it that endstop board incorrectly, you may get a situation in which the endstop doesn;t reliably show as triggered or not triggered in one of the states.

Are the connector pin numbers not marked on the board? Can you give me a link to the schematic for that board?

At a guess, The red wire goes to +3.3V, the black wire to Gnd, and the green wire to STP on the endstop connector.

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