Missing iap4e.bin


By forgets 4 October 2016 22:06

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Hi all, seems when I'm trying to update my firmware I'm missing iap4e.bin.. there are a couple of forum posts about people adding it to their SD card to update. Any idea where I can find a copy of it to update my firmware? Thanks!

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By StephenRC 4 October 2016 22:49

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It's available on the github where you get the firmware.


By dc42 5 October 2016 07:46

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See https://duet3d.com/wiki/Where_to_get_Du … _and_tools for where to get it and all other firmware files.

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By dintid 18 March 2017 12:41

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Why is this happening?

I've previously updated firmware just fine.. or rather, I got some error messages, but it worked.

When updating from 1.17c to 1.17e I suddenly get the "missing iap4e.bin" error.

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