Prusa setup for a total dummy


By snake1966 19 April 2017 15:05

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In the high expectation of receiving my Duet Wifi and 5" panel, can somebody please indicate the path to some sort of guide to setup the system for a prusa i3 type printer, I am a total noob and dummy on this, so any and all help is most appreciated.

Thanks to all in advance and best regards.


By whosrdaddy 19 April 2017 18:17

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The wiki on this site is quite complete and provides a good starting point.
On the SD card you can find an example configuration for an i3 (cartesian) printer type, more info can be found here:

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By darookee 19 April 2017 21:37

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I converted my Wanhao Duplicator i3 and wrote a small guide you can find here:


By T3P3Tony 20 April 2017 10:52

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Darokee, thanks for the writeup. I have added a link to it under the tutorial section of the wiki:

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